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Since its establishment in 1934 in Rehovot, Israel, the Weizmann Institute of Science has grown into one of the foremost centers of multidisciplinary research and graduate study in the world.

The Institute’s basic science research has led to discoveries and practical applications with a major impact on the global scientific community, as well as the everyday quality of life for millions of people worldwide, in areas such as fighting cancer, improving health and medicine, advancing technology, enriching education, protecting our planet, and exploring the physical world. This commitment to basic science provides Weizmann researchers with the freedom to explore the unknown, in an environment where curiosity and collaboration flourish, with no commercial or academic constraints.

The American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science works to raise awareness of, and funding for, the Institute in the U.S. It is a community of dedicated people who share a common mission: advancing the Institute’s goals by becoming partners in the search for answers to today’s most difficult challenges. The American philanthropic presence is felt throughout the Institute’s campus: buildings, laboratories, instruments, and education and research projects owe their existence to the generosity of loyal supporters. Donors also provide the financial assistance—including endowed professorial chairs and scholarships—that supports the scientists, teachers, and students who are the lifeblood of the Institute.

Following are major areas of giving that are vital to the Weizmann Institute, to Israel, and to the future of humankind. Connecting the right philanthropist with the right project is important to the Institute, and this range of ongoing opportunities has something for everyone. Your involvement in our mission of “science for the benefit of humanity” is a meaningful expression of your commitment to make this a better world. We hope that you will be a longtime member of our Weizmann Institute family.

Research Institutes and Centers

Research institutes and centers at the Weizmann Institute of Science provide an organizational framework for intellectual exchange and collaboration, driving some of the Institute’s most compelling basic research and supporting crucial advances. Cross- and multi-disciplinary research is a hallmark of the Weizmann Institute; and while the institutes and centers focus on a particular field of research, they also bring together scientists from a range of disciplines in order to pursue that research as completely and creatively as possible—for example, chemists and mathematicians, neuroscientists and computer scientists, biologists and physicists come together to make breakthroughs. By funding a research institute or center, a donor provides for new initiatives, cutting-edge instrumentation, shared equipment, stipends for staff scientists and young scientists, and other research necessities.

The Weizmann Institute seeks major perpetual legacy funds to establish institutes and centers that demonstrate significant potential for future achievements in a variety of multidisciplinary fields. Such institutes and centers will bear the name of the philanthropist or another name of the donor’s choosing.

Professorial Chair

The rank of professor at the Weizmann Institute of Science recognizes a scientist’s considerable achievements, stature in the global scientific community, and continuing influential role in scientific inquiry. The selection of the incumbent is made by the president of the Weizmann Institute, in consultation with senior staff members. When an incumbent retires or leaves the Institute, another scientist is appointed to the chair.

By funding a professorial chair—which will be named for the donor or bear the name of his or her choosing—the philanthropist makes a significant and long-term contribution to the future of the Weizmann Institute, to the State of Israel, and to the career of a prominent scientist who both advances scientific knowledge and contributes to improving our world. In addition, it provides a superior opportunity to establish a personal, long-term connection between the philanthropist and the scientist.

Supporting New Scientists

Young scientists who are brought into the Weizmann Institute of Science community today will be the pillars of its faculty tomorrow, pioneering new fields and laying the groundwork for the future of science. Such new scientists are carefully selected and recruited; in fact, the Institute assesses promising researchers worldwide who are rising stars in their fields, seeking the best of the best.

Philanthropic backing, such as a new scientist fund or a career development chair, is crucial at this early stage in a new scientist’s career—helping ensure that he or she has essential startup resources. The Institute must offer appealing opportunities and a supportive environment to bring these young scientists to campus: besides the fact that Israel is at a geographic remove from European and American scientific hubs, the Institute must compete with far larger institutions abroad—Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Caltech, Cambridge, Princeton, and the like—for these talented researchers. To that end, the Weizmann Institute commits to at least three years of funding to cover this startup period, provides its scientists with access to state-of-the-art scientific equipment, and ensures that new researchers have the custom-designed labs they need to pursue their work.

Establishment of a new scientist fund or career development chair enables the donor to support these recruitment efforts by helping provide for the purchase of sophisticated instrumentation and supplies, employment of graduate student assistants and a postdoctoral fellow or technician, scientific services, and other essentials. A new scientist fund can grow into a career development chair; alternatively, a donor may establish the chair outright. A chair is prestigious, desirable, and appealing—an important recruitment tool for the Institute.

Both the new scientist fund and career development chair provide vital, valuable support over the initial three-plus-year startup period. Appointment to a career development chair may be renewed for an additional three or more years; when the chair is again available, Weizmann Institute leadership will name a new incumbent. The new scientist fund and the career development chair will bear any name of the donor’s choosing.

Laboratories and Equipment

The ultra-modern, frequently updated, well-equipped laboratory is at the center of today’s scientific research. And the Weizmann Institute strives to give its researchers everything they need to conduct competitive, cutting-edge science—in particular, access to the advanced instrumentation that is essential for carrying out world-class research.

Modern scientific equipment evolves rapidly, often becoming obsolete in a few short years, and external support—such as from government agencies and foundations—is scarce. Such equipment is costly and is one of the Institute’s most pressing ongoing needs. Thus donors are vital partners in helping ensure that the scientists have the instrumentation and technology they require. Giving opportunities—available in virtually all areas of science—range from purchasing specific pieces of equipment to funding a laboratory, which will be named according to the donor’s wishes.

Scholarships and Fellowships

The Weizmann Institute of Science’s Feinberg Graduate School plays a central role in developing Israel’s scientific brain power—in fact, the school educates one-third of the state’s PhDs in science and mathematics. The knowledge and skill of these young scientists is vital for a healthier and brighter future for both Israel and the world. And as government support for science and education continues to shrink, philanthropic funding is ever more critical to supporting and expanding the Institute’s graduate program.

The Feinberg Graduate School is unique: an institution focused solely on science and concentrating exclusively on graduate studies and research, offering master’s of science and doctoral degrees and postdoctoral fellowships. Its multidisciplinary setting enables students to learn from the best principal investigators, working shoulder-to-shoulder with them in high-tech facilities. The school has more than 1,000 MSc and PhD students, each of whom receives a full scholarship and living stipend so that they can devote their time and energy to their education without having to work. In addition, all instruction is in English, enabling students from all over the world to attend; in fact, the numbers of international applications are at historic highs.

The scholarships and fellowships are largely funded through the generosity of donors and will be named according to the donor’s wishes.

Research Funds

Science can be deeply meaningful and personal, whether due to individual experience (for example, being touched by cancer, Alzheimer’s, fertility issues, or genetic disease) or the belief that progress in a particular field can change the world (sustainable energy, stem cells, quantum computers, space exploration). Therefore, establishing a fund to support targeted research is an excellent way to partner with scientists who share the donor’s goals. Not only do research funds directly contribute to advancing a particular field of science, they also ensure that the Weizmann Institute is always poised to meet the dynamic needs of its scientists. The research fund will bear any name of the donor’s choosing.

Science Education for Children

Israel’s future depends on the education its youth receive today—and as a state with a knowledge- based economy, education in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields is particularly important. Education also equalizes people born into vastly different circumstances; thus, providing quality instruction to all children helps ensure a fully integrated society.

The Weizmann Institute’s Davidson Institute of Science Education is an established force in advancing childhood education—in its community, in Israel, and across the globe. Its programs include development for high-school science teachers; hands-on activities for advanced and talented science students; creative science education for youth at risk; online, interactive curricula; and more. For example, the International Safecracking Tournament challenges high school students to use their knowledge of physics to build a safe, with teams traveling to the Weizmann campus each spring to compete and try to open the safes of others. This program is rapidly expanding through the U.S., thanks in large part to philanthropic generosity. Donors play a major role in each of these life-enhancing education programs, and more support is needed to expand several initiatives and include more children.

Each of the previous are Named Perpetual Legacy Funds and/or Capital Giving Opportunities. They can be funded through a series of lifetime gifts, a testamentary gift, or a combination thereof.

Absent a gift agreement, testamentary gifts receive recognition and designation based upon the funding needs and costs when the gift is ultimately received.

All gifts are governed by the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science gift policy, which is available—along with state disclosures—on the American Committee Web site, www.weizmann-usa.org, or upon request. Please seek your own legal and tax advice in connection with gift and planning matters.


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