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Center for Personalized Philanthropy: Helping You Make a Lasting Impact—Starting Now

The Center for Personalized Philanthropy along with the American Committee's national and regional teams are here to help you find the most meaningful ways to support the Weizmann Institute of Science. We can help you accomplish two objectives: support the work of Weizmann Institute scientists and make your gift in a way that best meets your charitable goals. We offer a variety of ways to make gifts, understanding that your needs change over time based on your stage of life and financial situation. Depending on the asset(s) you donate and the gift arrangement you select, you can expect to obtain some or all of the following benefits:

  • Fulfilling your philanthropic goals
  • Reducing your income tax through a charitable tax deduction
  • Reducing or eliminating capital-gain tax on a gift of long-term appreciated stock or property
  • Creating a stream of income for life for yourself and/or other beneficiaries
  • Increasing your income
  • Eliminating potential federal estate tax on property passing to the Weizmann Institute
  • Reducing the costs and time in the settlement of your estate

Today and the Future

The tips below illustrate how you can make an impact today and for generations to come.

1. Virtual endowment: Make a series of annual gifts during your lifetime—such as the required minimum distribution (RMD) from your IRA—for a research, scholarship, or another fund. Later, through a bequest or the proceeds of a life-income gift, you can provide ongoing and perpetual support.

2. Philanthropic mortgage: Build your fund now while also providing the cash flow necessary to begin your project at the Institute. Just as you don’t wait to move into your house until it’s fully paid for, why wait to enjoy the impact of your gift?

3. Step up for greater impact: Establish a master’s scholarship initially, then gradually grow it to a doctoral scholarship or even a professorial chair—using a gift annuity, trust, or bequest.

By targeting your gifts for a purpose that is important to you and staging them over time, you can make a difference now—even if you have an estate gift planned for the future. Let us help you leave your own mark on the Weizmann Institute, and receive far greater personal satisfaction than you would have ever thought possible.


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