The Vera and Chaim Weizmann Honor Society


“I feel science will bring to this land both peace and renewal of its youth, creating here the springs of a new spiritual and material life.”
—Dr. Chaim Weizmann, First President of the Weizmann Institute

The Beginning of the Future: The American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science

At the age of 60, Dr. Chaim Weizmann embarked on a project that would turn out to be one of the major achievements of his lifetime—the establishment of the Daniel Sieff Research Institute in Rehovot, Israel, precursor of the Weizmann Institute of Science. It was an act of faith.

Following a call to action from his wife, Dr. Vera Weizmann—a medical doctor and renowned leader in her own right—the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science has been a driving force in the Institute’s history from its earliest days. Indeed, Dr. Vera Weizmann gave this charge on the momentous day in 1945 when hundreds of men and women met at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City to raise funds to rename the Institute in her husband’s honor.

“I do not know how fully you realize that you are my husband’s spiritual heirs. You started, you promoted, you supported the Weizmann Institute of Science, and the whole burden now falls on you to continue it.”
—Dr. Vera Weizmann

Since then, loyal partners like you have worked hand in hand with the Weizmann Institute to develop and support its needs and lead the way in providing resources for new initiatives and pioneering projects. The Institute has grown with the Israeli nation and has been the site of numerous critical breakthroughs. With “Science for the Benefit of Humanity” as its guiding principle, the discoveries and theories of Weizmann Institute scientists have had practical applications with a major impact on the wider scientific community as well as on the quality of life of millions of people worldwide.

Tomorrow and the Future: The Vera and Chaim Weizmann Honor Society

For almost 75 years since its establishment, the American Committee looks to you to follow in the footsteps of its earliest visionaries. By including Weizmann in your estate and legacy planning, you become a Founder of the Future and a valued member of the Vera and Chaim Weizmann Honor Society—a community of dedicated people who help advance the Institute’s vital mission.

Members of the Vera and Chaim Weizmann Honor Society are key partners in the Institute’s search for answers to the most difficult challenges facing humanity. Whether it is your intention to support a professorial chair, a scholarship fund, or the general needs of the Institute, you play a crucial role in shaping the future—for Weizmann scientists, Israel, and the world.

Upon your induction into the Society, you will be presented with a framed personalized certificate and your name will be permanently written in the Book of Honor. You will also receive special mailings and invitations to Weizmann events in your area. In addition, upon fulfillment of your commitment or designation of your gift as irrevocable, your name may be engraved at the International Plaza—the central site for recognition of major gifts on the Institute’s campus in Israel.

We invite you to pave the way for the next groundbreaking Weizmann discoveries. Become a Founder of the Future and join the Vera and Chaim Weizmann Honor Society today.




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