The Vera and Chaim Weizmann Honor Society

Our Vera and Chaim Weizmann Honor Society is composed of dedicated members who advance the mission of Science for the Benefit of Humanity by naming the Weizmann Institute of Science through planned and estate gifts. Each member becomes a Founder of the Future, a key partner in supporting curiosity-driven science and the transformative discoveries of tomorrow. This devoted and passionate community ensures that the trajectory and pace of modern science never falters.

Where there is science, there is hope.

The Vera & Chaim Honor Society Brochure

The Weizmann Institute of Science is one of the world’s foremost centers of multidisciplinary research and graduate study. With a 3,800-strong community in a 280-acre, garden-like campus, it fulfills Vera and Chaim Weizmann’s vision that it be a place of peace, collaboration, and scientific excellence.

This is all the more notable given the times in which the Institute was born. The future was uncertain in 1944—not just for the Jewish people but for all humankind. Yet that November, in New York City, a handful of visionaries joined together aiming to raise support for Dr. Weizmann’s dream of a scientific institute in a Jewish homeland. This was the beginning of the American Committee and the partnership between science and philanthropy.

Our founders’ success was clear on November 27, 1945, when more than 2,000 guests filled the ballroom of New York’s Waldorf-Astoria Hotel to take part in the American Committee’s first national gala. The hope inspired by Dr. Weizmann’s growing Institute—a bright light against the horrors of World War II—led to more than $1 million in gifts.

In 1949 the Weizmann Institute of Science was formally dedicated—and Dr. Weizmann became the first president of the new State of Israel. “Just as some people live by the sword,” he said, “we will live by science.”

The day after Dr. Weizmann passed away in 1952, his wife Vera—a respected doctor and leader in her own right—issued a call to arms to the American Committee: “You are my husband’s spiritual heirs. You started, you promoted, you supported the Weizmann Institute of Science, and the whole burden now falls on you to continue it.”

We took her words to heart, growing into a nationwide organization whose presence—your presence—is evident across the Institute, where buildings, laboratories, scholarships, and more testify to American commitment.

Perhaps not even Vera and Chaim Weizmann could have imagined what a global powerhouse the Institute would become, leading the way in fields from cancer to climate change, artificial intelligence to Alzheimer’s, vaccines to education and beyond.

The American Committee now looks to you to build upon the dreams and accomplishments of Vera and Chaim Weizmann. By being part of the Honor Society that bears their name and by following in the footsteps of the dedicated philanthropists who came before, you are helping guarantee the Weizmann Institute’s future … and the future of science.


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