Gifts That Pay You Income

Life-income gifts can provide donors with an income stream, tax savings, and the satisfaction of providing the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute with long-term resources.

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Welcome to Gift Planning

Every day hundreds of scientists at the Weizmann Institute pursue breakthroughs in cancer research, technology, education, health and medicine, the environment, and the physical world- archaeology, astrophysics, and beyond. We invite you to partner in Weizmann’s quest to understand the world and improve lives by becoming a Founder of the Future—a valued member of the Vera and Chaim Weizmann Honor Society.

With the personalized gift planning techniques described here, you can link your financial and estate plans to the transformative discoveries of tomorrow and the specific research that interests you. Not only can you receive recognition and tax and other benefits today, but you can also make a larger gift than you might have imagined and demonstrate that the Weizmann Institute is a meaningful part of your legacy.